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Dr Mary Kashura

Dr. Jennifer Jara D.C.

At the young age of 21, Dr. Jennifer Jara, was involved in a fatal car accident outside of the US borders in Mexico, where tragically, a dear friend died. Jennifer was left broken and fighting for her life as she struggled to find answers to her physical pain while she learned to walk again. During this process she discovered her calling and passion in life to help others live a pain free, healthy and vibrant life through natural medicine.

Post car accident, Jennifer had extensive lifesaving procedures with the most significant being the first, which was an 11-hour back surgery to repair, rebuild her fractured spine and fuse sections together for spinal stability. During this comprehensive surgery, the surgeons drilled metal rods alongside her full spine in order to help her walk again. In addition to her fractured spine, she had broken numerous other bones in her body, she wore a full body brace for several months, and suffered major head trauma from the car accident. Despite all these hardships, Jennifer was determined to find her health and gain back as much comfort and normal mobility within her body as she refused to accept any future physical barriers predicted by her medical team.

Peter Francis – Massage Body Care Specialist

My name is Peter Francis and I am a massage therapy specialist. I am originally from London England, though I have been living in Los Angeles for the last 6 years. I have been working as a professional massage therapist for over 10 years. The first technique I studied for an extended time period was Sports Massage. It was through this critical course I was able to learn various types of deep tissue massage for a diverse population. Shortly after this I was fortunate to live in Korea for three months. During this time period I was able to not only experience Korean culture but also be a sponge to absorb and learn how their body healers perform a multiplex of techniques that has been passed down from one generation to the next. The emphasis of what I was taught was centered around energy and trigger point release. I gained so much knowledge during this short season of my life.

My most recent technique is in the practice of an ancient Indian massage called “Ayurveda”. This practice consists of long brisk strokes to help stimulate, awaken and circulate energy through the body. Its purpose is the release of stagnant energy by massaging with fine detail within each individual body part.

I had met Dr. Jara over 15 years ago when I was referred to her for my chronic back problems as a dancer. Through her treatment and lifestyle advice I was able to quickly become pain free. It was because of Dr Jara and her massage team that I became intstantly inspired to become a body healer. I kept in contact with her and sought her out whenever I was here in Los Angeles, she always gave me encouraging advice to keep pursuing & diversifying my skill.

Over the past 15 years I have travelled all over the world as a professional dancer and dual massage therapist. Now working under the guidance of Dr. Jara it is bringing together and fine tuning what I have learned over the last decade. Allowing me to infuse the techniques and applying them as needed with each client that is on my table for maximum healing.

While I am not massaging, I still work as a professional dancer/choreographer on special projects. Through the art of dance I have learned so much about the human body and it has greatly enhanced my skills as a body care specialist.

I truly love what I do and I look forward to helping you achieve better health through my unique approach of massage therapy.

Kind regards,

Dr Mary Kashura
Dr Mary Kashura

Jakera Cooper

Jakera is an assistant to Dr. Jara mainly helping with patient care & outside projects to help spread the word of health. Jakera is a passionate creator who brings excellence to all of her work. She is a thought leader and Christian Influencer. When she isn’t in seminary, she manages social media accounts for clients ranging from doctors to aspiring actors. She is motivated by helping people reach their goals with charm, grace, and grit! Jakera is a listener and a doer. She seeks to understand the best ways to get phenomenal, unmatched results. With a creative eye, Jakera works with her team to deliver not only the results clients want but the results they need.