Body Detox

Body Detoxification

A surprising amount of the food that we eat contains toxins of one kind or another. Of course, the majority of these toxins are in a low enough quantity that they do no harm to us. Even so called super foods like broccoli, contain cyanide! Normally our body is totally prepared for an invasion of these toxins and is more than ready to destroy them and expel them from our body before they can do any real harm.

The best way of detoxifying our body is to not put in any toxins in the first place of course. A diet of no alcohol, no smoking and only healthy, fresh foods, combined with a sensible exercise program, is all that most of us need to stay healthy. These days though, of course, it is increasingly difficult to avoid processed foods, and here lies the potential problems.

A supervised detoxification program will essentially flush our system and prepare us for a new regimen of healthy eating. By consuming only a mixture of normally juiced vegetables and fruits for a specific period of time, we can recondition our body to function correctly.

It’s a convenient, but accurate analogy to say that a body detox is very similar to an engine flush and oil change in your car. If you do not take good care of your car, the engine becomes clogged with old oil and deposits and you will begin to notice a change, a worsening in the performance.

Similarly, if you have a diet full of processed foods, red meat, dairy products and sweets, your body will start to function differently. You could well notice a loss of energy, which will, in turn, cause you to reduce your exercise, which will, in turn, ensure weight gain.

Following a detox, patients will normally feel more energetic and healthy, which is a motivating factor for increased exercise.

As with many of the programs that we offer, we will work with each patient individually to ensure that any detox program is undertaken with a maximum of care. We will determine the best plan based on your own personal situation and we will supervise it from start to finish. It is a big mistake to attempt to undergo a detox program alone. You first need to understand what will happen, what you may experience and feel. By utilizing our expert care, you can rest assured that you will benefit as much as possible from the detox process.