Body Fat Laser

Zerona Body Contouring Laser

If you are interested in a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, you may want to consider Zerona body contouring laser treatment.

Liposuction, as you are probably aware, is a surgical procedure. While it is not normally dangerous, it can often leave you with severe bruising, swollen skin and potentially damage to other parts of the body. Zerona body contouring laser treatment is not a surgical procedure and leaves you not only unmarked, but some patients have actually reported finishing their treatment feeling very relaxed and glowing.

The science of this painless – and even relaxing treatment – is quite simple. By application of a cold laser to your fatty areas, normally, stomach, legs, thighs and rear, the fat cells are basically liquefied and absorbed naturally into the body’s system where they are processed harmlessly and expelled.

The procedure involves you lying on a table for 20 minutes, while a laser is applied to the relevant areas. Then you turn over for another 20 minutes on the other side. You are free to read, listen to music, even talk on the phone while this is happening. Many patients like to listen to relaxing music as the experience can be quite relaxing in itself. The treatments are normally two or three per week for a minimum of two weeks.
The first step is a consultation with a provider, who can explain to you in detail exactly what is involved. There are very few people for whom this procedure is inappropriate and there are, of course, no side effects at all. The technology has been around since 2008 and it relies on proven tests that clearly show that lasers have the ability to break down the adipocyte (fatty) cells by emulsifying them.

Most of us, even if we are not overweight, have too many of these cells. So, losing them has no harmful effects whatsoever. Our body is perfectly designed to harmlessly process and dispose of the liquid that is eliminated from the cells during this process. While the laser works on this liquefying procedure, no other part of the cell, or the surrounding areas are damaged in any way, making this a safe and secure procedure. Many clinical trials were performed in multiple sites to authenticate the safeness and efficacy of the Zerona body contouring laser treatment.

Of course, this treatment, however effective it is for you, should only be one part of a well-being program. Simply overeating and then relying on this type of technology to reduce the fat or inches, is not the best life choice. We can coach you through the many alternatives that you have to lose weight and, having attained the optimum weight for you, how to keep it off by carefully adhering to a healthier lifestyle.