DrJara’s Story

At the young age of 21, Dr. Jennifer Jara, was involved in a fatal car accident outside of the US borders in Mexico, where tragically, a dear friend died. Jennifer was left broken and fighting for her life as she struggled to find answers to her physical pain while she learned to walk again. During this process she discovered her calling and passion in life to help others live a pain free, healthy and vibrant life through natural medicine.

Post car accident, Jennifer had extensive lifesaving procedures with the most significant being the first, which was an 11-hour back surgery to repair, rebuild her fractured spine and fuse sections together for spinal stability. During this comprehensive surgery, the surgeons drilled metal rods alongside her full spine in order to help her walk again. In addition to her fractured spine, she had broken numerous other bones in her body, she wore a full body brace for several months, and suffered major head trauma from the car accident. Despite all these hardships, Jennifer was determined to find her health and gain back as much comfort and normal mobility within her body as she refused to accept any future physical barriers predicted by her medical team.

Physical Therapy and ongoing massage were limited in reducing her physical pain and restoring her full range of motion. Eventually she came across & began Chiropractic treatments and was astonished at her bodies ability to suddenly regenerate & rebuild despite the fact that she had steel rods (Herrington rods) drilled alongside her entire spine. Jennifer was so relieved and inspired by the Chiropractic treatments that she decided to dedicate her life to the pursuit of health and wellness through the field of Chiropractic medicine.

Today, Dr. Jara has been in private practice for 20 years with her healing clinic located in the heart of Hollywood. In addition to her practice, Dr. Jara has become a sought out speaker as an expert, not only within her profession, but as a voice within a worldwide health community guiding those who seek better health. Dr. Jara has had regular tv appearances on Emmy award winning shows such as The Doctors, Ricki Lake, and other entertainment media. She even had her own weekly radio show for years in Los Angeles on mainstream 97.1Fm-KLSX, affiliate of CBS network where she was the only doctor on the CBS team that was dedicated to natural medicine with a holistic approach that is patient centered.

Dr. Jara’s life and entire career has been focused on understanding the human body in order to serve others and continue on with academics through post graduate studies that focus on health, medicine, fitness and food.