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Even though Americans spend more than $30 billion each year on “weight loss” products, more than 60% of us are overweight or obese. This could have a couple of different interpretations, but the most important one is that these products are not very effective, obviously.

There is another, more sinister aspect of some of these products. What may work in some small way for one person, could have the opposite effect on another person. This is simply because not all of us are made the same way. Our levels of different hormones, for example, could differ dramatically, causing one person to respond to a treatment positively, and another person negatively, this is just logic.
Unfortunately, people see a miracle diet advertisement and, without reading the microscopic print at the bottom of the page, the plunge right in, not realizing that they could actually gain weight!

A classic example of this overall problem is with so called diet sweeteners. Pumping your body full of these chemical products will often cause bodily reactions that result in weight gain. Often it is better to use sugar! Of course, now we have healthy, natural products to sweeten our foods and drinks, things like agave and stevia. But still, the majority of people are very badly brainwashed and uninformed about the truth.
Functional wellness is a concept that is by no means new, but it is gaining in popularity at a fantastically healthy rate! Basically, it means that everyone is different. Everyone can lose weight, but they need an individual program, not a mass-market fad product or diet.

We will talk to you at length about your goals, your medical history, your diet and exercise programs and your likes and dislikes. We will then work with you to develop a specific, customized program that will, if you follow it properly (no cheating!), result in the weight loss that you are looking for.

Of course, there are no free rides! You will have to work hard to lose weight. You will have to make sacrifices, anyone who tells you different is not being honest with you. You will have to eliminate some of your favorite foods. You will have to substitute active pursuits for passive ones and you will have to be disciplined.

We have a number of different techniques as a part of any weight loss program. These do not only include diet and exercise, although these are probably the most important. We also have special equipment that can help you to burn excess body fat. The one thing that we will not encourage is the use of chemical products or invasive surgical procedures. This is the lazy option and can often be worse for your wellbeing in the long run.

This is not a get thin quickly program, this is a change of lifestyle, not just for now but also for the rest of your life.

Chiro-Thin Weightloss

Chiro Thin is a patented product, sold only directly to registered wellness practitioners It is a natural product, produced entirely in the USA from American grown products. The philosophy behind the effectiveness of Chiro Thin is based on a lot of medical studies into weight gain, and weight loss. The product contains complex carbohydrates which, when taken in conjunction with a diet high in anti-inflammatories can change the way that our bodies store fat and metabolize it. This is not a protein only diet. While perfectly safe and with no known side effects, Chiro thin may not be effective for everyone. As we know, we are all different, with different metabolic rates and different genetic components. Therefore, it is very important to use Chiro Thin under the supervision of an expert.

In your initial consultation we will explore the options open to you. It is possible that, if you fit the profile, we may suggest a Chiro Thin program for you. It is also a possibility that, for different reasons you are not a suitable client for this specific program. We will take vital measurements at 8 points on your body. These measurements will become your starting point and the yardstick by which we chart your progress.
We will work with you to develop a diet that you can tolerate. This diet will be high in anti-inflammatory foods. This food group includes such things as tomatoes, nuts (such as almonds and walnuts), green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, fatty fish like tuna and salmon and fruit such as strawberries, oranges and blueberries. The combination of these types of foods with the various ingredients of the nutritional supplements contained in Chiro Thin will leave you feeling full and satisfied. They will also have a cleansing effect on your system, making you feel more energetic and generally positive about yourself and your lifestyle.

After the initial consultation, we will see you on a weekly basis. You will be measured and weighed. We will also discuss with you in detail, any problems that you have experienced in adhering to the program. There can be a period of adjustment, while you throw away old habits and acquire the new life skills that you need to give yourself the support that you need to attain your objectives.

The program will be for 6 weeks. After that we will guide you through the process of transitioning back to a “normal” diet. Hopefully, with the weight that you will lose, you will continue to be motivated to maintain that weight, or even to continue reducing until you reach your personal goal.