Happy Healthy Feet

Life is much better when you have happy feet. Feet seem to be a body part that most people do not pay attention to until there is a problem. The most common problems will cause pain, swelling and an inability to walk or stand comfortably. The truth is that your feet require minimal care to give you maximum comfort but if you wait until you have a problem then it’s going to cost you much more time and money before you have relief.

In our office we have two simple recommendations when it comes to your feet, first and foremost is to provide proper support for your feet and second is to get your feet checked & treated with a health care professional as soon as you become aware of a problem.

Painful feet problems are not likely to go away on their own because your feet rarely get a break from your daily activities. More than any other body part your feet are what get you from point A to point B so without happy feet you are not likely to get far. There are many professionals who are skilled at addressing feet problems. Depending on your foot issue it could be resolved with seeing a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and of course a Podiatrist. If it’s just a minor muscle tension then a qualified massage therapist and/or reflexologist could help you.

Proper Foot Support for Happy Feet

Proper support and foot care begins with your shoes and what goes inside them. Of the billions of people that live on this planet, it is impossible to create one shoe design that best supports all feet. What we all have in common is the desire to have comfortable footwear that is attractive, affordable and unique to our structure needs. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes while others spend the least amount. No matter the type of shoe you prefer to wear, the way to get the best support from your shoes is to have shoe inserts that are custom made to your body composition, foot anatomy and gait analysis (how you walk).

With advancements in technology today there are several options to make this happen to meet your goals and budget. Our office uses a computer to create a digital imprint of over four thousand points on a walking foot pad that simultaneously measures multiple aspects of how you stand and how you walk. Our software program takes into account your foot structure, walking pressure, body lean, point of reference contact, carry through and take off as your feet walk across the foot runway pad. The software then creates multiple viewpoints and numeric values to best suit your foot care goals which we will show and explain to you after your feet have been scanned. Along with the data, your case is discussed one on one between us and the lab technician, this ensures maximum quality footwear in order to help you have happy feet.

All of our custom foot inserts are 100% guaranteed. We have been with the same company since 2005 because of the commitment to quality and patient satisfaction guarantee. If a patient is not happy with their inserts then they may return them for a full product refund. Over 97% of our patients that use inserts re-order multiple pairs because they love them so much. We have numerous types of inserts to best serve your foot structure and shoe needs. (this should be in a different color like the purple or blue)

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Foot & Lower Leg Treatment

If you currently have or previously experience pain in your feet or lower legs then you understand how limiting it can be with getting around. The most common conditions we treat in our office in dealing with feet and lower legs are: plantar fasciitis, ACL tears, meniscus tears, knee replacements, stress fractures, broken bones (post casting), sprain/strains, muscle/ligament injuries, shin splints, runners knee, compartment syndromes (post care), knee issues, post-surgical healing, conditions related to diabetes such as peripheral neuropathy, open lesions, decreased circulation, nutritional deficiencies related to foot health, and lower limb joint replacements such as hip & knee (all the pink words should link to detox page, it does not have to be pink as I assume the links all have the same color throughout the website).

The most popular therapies we use to treat these various conditions are with cold laser therapy (links to laser), Graston Technique (GT link), Chiropractic adjustments (link), physiotherapies, and nutritional supports.

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