I gave myself whiplash from dancing. I woke up the next morning, I couldn't move and was in severe panic & pain. My first call was to Dr. Jara. She brought me in and immediately put ice on my neck and made me know I was in good hands. Her office is full service healing. Inside & out. Her massage therapists are highly trained and guided by Jara so they know exactly how to treat your specific trouble spot. Her therapy rooms are equipped with the newest high tech gadgets & lasers that at first I thought was wacky but after my ordeal I became good friends with those lasers. Having a neck injury is terrifying. I dont like having my neck adjusted ever but especially when it's in pain. Dr. Jara is so calming & confident that it is easy to surrender to her and trust that she will fix you. I recommend her 100%. If you are scared of chiropractic work or need special attention you need to go see Dr. Jara. She also has affordable plans to make visiting frequently a viable option.

Jennifer Hall

She's the best in the biz been going to her for over 12 year , referred a lot of business all pleased clients and as a trainer many of my clients see her as well

Amy Schell Smith

Do what you and what you do and be sure to do it with passion or don't do it at all.

Jennifer Jara

The work they are doing here is truly revolutionary. I absolutely love what Dr. Jara is delivering to patients!

Jason Prall

Love it!!!! Congratulations and blessings prima

Carlos Jara

AWESOME!!!!! I have been seeing Dr. Jara for a number of years now and am SO lucky to have her as my doctor. She is part of the team that helps me in dealing with the medical problems I have had for over a decade. I am truly grateful for her expertise!! She listens to me and is willing to talk to my other doctors. So, everyone is on the same page and can work together to help me. Dr. Jara pays attention to what each patient needs. I require being worked on gently, and she is always aware of that. She is also warm, friendly and caring. Plus, she never lets you leave her office without a hug. She understands and is sympathetic to what people are going through, because she has survived a great deal herself and is living to tell about it. I would recommend her to anyone and already have to my friends.

L M.

I started going to Dr. Jara with my girl friend for her appointments and quickly realized her practice was different from other chiropractors. The ambiance is warm and comforting and there is a great massage chair in the waiting room to warm one up before the appointment. She did not have to look at a chart to know my girl friend's name or history, and she attended to all of my girl friend's aches and pains. I left my nice but impersonal chiropractor and started seeing Dr. Jara. She is very patient and understanding with me and truly cares about the health and well-being of her clients. Since starting chiropractic care with Dr. Jara, I am now able to turn my head side to side and have significantly less lower back pain. She is also a miracle worker with muscle testing and supplements and helped me fight off an acute upper respiratory infection that my antibiotics did not get rid of. She has become my go to Doctor for everything and I make sure to let everyone know how wonderful she is!

Ali W.

I was in a car accident back in July 2012, I searched for chiropractors in the Hollywood area and had decided on seeing Dr. Jara The first visit we went over all my pain areas and discussed treatment options, I was surprised how fast the pain in my back vanished once my back and neck was properly adjusted. I have had no back pain whatsoever after going only a few times! Dr. Jara is amazing and very positive and uplifting! If you are in pain definitely see Dr. Jara as she will fix you up in no time!

Jason I.

I have been under the care of Dr Jara for more than a decade she has helped me through a fall and got me functioning and pain free in a couple of months that is how we met so many year ago Now I get periodic adjustments and she treats many of my personal training clients as well My new venture with her which started a month ago is her newest program called chirothin DR assisted weight loss which has been a transformation for me and I'm only 4 wks into a 6 week program The results are amazing and only will continue To accumulate .... She is beyond your basic chiropractor , she is highly educated and knowledgable about the brain, gut issues, auto immune disorders and tweaking the body through proper nutrition and supplementation This is only the beginning to my journey with her ... I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to transform their body You are in amazing hands with this lady !!!!!

Amy s.

I'm surprised that this place doesn't have more reviews. I mean, I'm so impressed by Dr. Jara's caliber of expertise and genuine customer care that I'm taking my Saturday afternoon to write this review. ....which is way better than how I spent my Saturday morning: writhing on my floor convulsing in agony, knot release ball under my back, cellphone in hand as I desperately Googled "trapezius trigger point therapy" and then "Graston Technique Los Angeles" (a methodology I knew little about beyond it scraping off scar tissue, but after finishing my 8th chiropractic session on Thursday at a different center and still suffering the wrath of The Knot That Will Not Die, why not), when I called Dr. Jara. This woman is a SAINT. She defines what it means to go above and beyond. Despite the fact that she was fully booked and closed at 12:30PM (it is, after all, her Saturday), she offered to squeeze me in between her scheduled patients to diagnose my condition and recommend treatments, and made sure I was prepared to wait. It was gracious enough to offer a complimentary evaluation at the drop of a hat, but I really appreciated her professionalism in explaining that there'd be a wait (many businesses fail to mention this even when they typically run behind with SCHEDULED appointments). Even seemingly small considerations like this make a significant difference in overall experience (e.g. remember to grab a book before leaving the house, even if you end up immersed in your phone the entire time). Although I'll admit that waiting in a gorgeous facility with a massage chair and an adorable therapy puppy is not the worst way to pass the time. Why don't more practices incorporate this in their waiting areas? America would be a happier place. Dr. Jara was extremely attentive in listening to my individual history and symptoms, and not only alleviated the hellacious pain in my trapezius in a brief amount of time (showing benefits of Gastron Technique and incorporating laser therapy), but even ended with a cool-compression session with specialty ice packs. I hadn't expected her to do so much for me, and at this point, she was supposed to already be closed! The Knot That Will Not Die has been reduced to purgatory, and I'm beyond grateful. I made my first official appointment for next week because Dr. Jara demonstrates extensive knowledge as well as compassion for human beings as individuals, rather than viewing people as profit. Again, many businesses could learn from this. I realize it'll take multiple sessions for my knot (or trigger point or adhesion or calcification, we'll find out) to unwind, but I'm already confident in Dr. Jara. I could ramble on about her incredible selflessness and dedication to her profession, but you'll have to experience her expertise yourself. I've got some sleep that I can finally catch up on now (Thank you, Dr. Jara!).

Korbi K.

For the first time in my life I have found a Dr, who has actually changed my life. I started seeing Dr. Jara in June 2012. I use to have a constant sciatic nerve pain on my right side. I had seen other Dr's and therapies using stretching techniques, but nothing has had results as quick and as lasting as Dr. Jara's. After x-rays and her evaluations along with the x-ray techs', she has been giving me the best adjustments I have ever had. The pain that was constant and severe is gone. She finds knots I didn't even know I had and gets them worked out. My problem actually is in my neck area, and she is very thorough to work on my entire back. She is also using lasers in her treatments, so at the mention of some complaints , she is treating me for those along with my adjustments. I have also had some of the best massages ever by her assistant, Crystal. She uses heated jade stones, which seem to really help tight muscles and helps along with the adjustments. I highly recommend Dr. Jara.

Laurel M.

Dr. Jara is THE BEST. She's so good, I put her on an episode of the talk show I produce, to show people how easy it is to get rid of their pain without medication. Dr. Jara is a genius with cold laser and she understands exactly how the body works and how, with the use of lasers and chiropractics, to make your pain go away. She sits and spends time with her patients, she doesn't rush you through the process. She wants to know what is really bothering you and get you on the road to recovery. Go see this amazing woman right away!

Robin R.

Dr. Jara is a great doctor and a better person. She will always be my go-to doctor anytime my life's activities get the best of me. Dr Jara has also given me some information about nutrition that has changed my life. Two things I really love are the massage chair in the waiting room and Taylor the office mascot...!!!

Will S.

LOVE Dr. Jara! She has helped my infant daughter regain mobility in her neck after a traumatic birth. I would recommend her to everyone!

Kim A.

Very smart, experienced passionate healer was impressed with her knowledge and insight as a physician myself I was struck by her dedication and desire to help others

Gary B.