Dr. Jara did a one year extension program and was certified with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association when she graduated as a doctor in 1999.

Pregnancy & Children post graduate studies & certifications:

  • Fertility
  • Pre-pregnancy
  • Pregnancy-all phases
  • Pregnancy Challenges
  • Newborn
  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Youth
  • Teens

What Dr. Jara says about why growing children to teens should receive regular Chiropractic treatments?
As a mom I want my daughter to grow up with the healthiest and strongest body her genetics can provide. I think all parents think this, not just us parents that work in the health service industry but anyone that is a care giver to a growing child. So when it comes to the question why should babies, children and teens be adjusted, the answer is simple & straight forward, so that they can grow to their full potential & optimize their best health.

“Bent is the trig so shall grow the tree” if you desire your tree to grow upright and strong in its foundation and height then you would be sure to remove any obstructions that are going to hinder that tree from growing to its full ability & nurture it properly. Same goes for our children, they grow based on their nervous system and its ability to grow freely without any problems.

The central nervous system consists of the brain and the spinal cord. Branching from the spinal cord are spinal nerves that further extend into all the nerves & vessels that supply all the information to every single cell of the body. This includes all your organs, glands, bones, muscles, ligaments, hair, eyes, nails, teeth, skin and other soft tissues that constructs our bodies. When you get adjusted you are directly impacting how the information gets relayed through your nerves. Removing any interference is the key to growing & thriving to ones’ best health.

Chiropractic for youth is more about removing any interference as opposed to treating chronic issues, like those that plague most adults. It is easier & cheaper to raise healthy kids than it is to fix sick and broken adults. The earlier you start proper healthy diversified care with your children then the sooner you instill the cornerstone of vibrant health as they become adults.

A robust nervous system has the ability to stand strong & not crack when under stress whether its physical or chemical. It can build a resilient immune system to fight off infections, disease and other foreign invaders that children become exposed to every single day. Adjusting kids is not just logical for they’re growing bodies it also greatly impacts how their brain functions.

My goal with treating children to teens is to help them be their best self through a secure and able body. I love adjusting children and teens, they are so fun & entertaining, full of life and have such unique perspectives on life. The advantage that children have is that their bodies heal & respond much faster because their nervous system has not had years of dysfunction take root.

Chiropractor doctors share much knowledge about health, nutrition and body therapy with children that they don’t usually get at a traditional allopathic doctors office. Getting adjusted is not only healthy but it’s a fun time at a Chiropractors office. When growing children get to experience different types of wellness doctors on a regular basis it helps to develop their knowledge & positive feedback about their health & personal care.